Baby boom nails

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Baby Boom Nails:

Are you looking for a good and reliable nail stylist to have babayboom nails placed on your fingers, then you are of course also very welcome at nail studio Breda Perfect nails.
The latter, the Babyboom nails are becoming increasingly popular. This version with a twist on the French manicure should not be missing in the nail stylist’s range these days. That is why nail studio Breda Perfecte nails has also expanded its range with the baby boom nails.


The French manicure is probably the most popular nail application worldwide. The nails look elegant, chic and natural. Moreover, the French suits every age and outfit all year round, whether your customer is 18 or 65, in a colorful or basic mood and whether it is winter or summer.
In the 1970s, Jeff Pinkin created the very first French manicure, which was immediately picked up by the fashion industry and found on red carpets in Paris. When he realized that his creation was a real hit, the name for this eye-catcher was immediately born: French manicure.


You can create the French with gel, acrylic and gel nail polish. You can first extend the nail according to the customer’s wishes with a template or tip. The French is made with the traditional or reverse technique. With the traditional technique you first put the white and then the pink, with the reverse technique you work the other way around: you first put the pink on the nail bed and you stylize the white against it. Which technique you use depends on each person. One nail stylist prefers to work in the traditional way, while the other prefers to use the reverse technique. The typical feature of a French manicure is the sharp smile line. The original French has a natural (pink) nail bed and a white free edge, but nowadays you can play a lot with color, opacity, glitter, et cetera.


Baby boom nails have a big difference compared to the original French manicure: there is no sharp separation between the nail bed and the (white) free edge. So there is no sharp smile line present. With the Babyboom technique you let the color of the nail bed and the free edge merge into each other. The effect is therefore more natural. You can also create Babyboom nails with gel, acrylic or gel nail polish.

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